Pawfect Doggie Treats

We are a family business based in Northern Ireland specialising in 100% handmade natural doggie treats.

Having two dogs in the family, a beautiful golden retriever called Roxy and a very handsome beagle named Leo, we began to come up with recipes for homemade dog treats. As with all dogs it is a challenge not to spoil them and adversely affect their health and weight, with this in mind the idea of 100% natural, additive and preservative free, healthy but really tasty dog treats was born.


The Baker is an award winning trained cook and over time has developed many flavours, textures and sizes, using the two family dogs as willing guinea pigs. Since they both seemed to love them so much we decided to sell them to others who want to be able to treat their dogs but always keep their health in mind. This ultimately is our goal and will always remain the heart and soul of our business.


All our treats are meat-free as we felt it was more important to have absolutely no preservatives or additives. All our ingredients are human-grade products found in an every-day kitchen. We stand by the idea that you shouldn’t feed your dog anything you wouldn’t eat yourself.


As a brand we have a strong ethos to provide tasty treats that simply complement a healthy and balanced diet imperative for dogs to live a long and happy life. It is very important to us to provide our own dogs with the best possible food as they are dependent on us and we find that there are a lot of people who share this belief. Especially over the past couple of years people are becoming more aware with that other ingredients are going into the treats we all see in supermarkets and it is as a result of this that we have a huge demand for treats that are healthy, and wholesome likes ours.

Pawfect Family / Taste Testers

"My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet ..."

- Edith Wharton

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Our 9 year old Retriever - Loves to eat anything especially tissues left around the house.

She loves people and remembers everyone who showers her with attention.

Shes spoilt rotten being our tester but is loving it...she is very healthy and we credit our treats to keeping her weight in check especially knowing how greedy she is (and admittedly how many she eats).

She loves playing with her PINK toys especially a pink duck that we have had to replace thousands of times without her other toy will do.



Our 9 year old Beagle.... A unique doggie to say the least...He is very cuddly and needs reassurance sometimes. hes a bit of an 'afraidy cat' when it comes to weird things like if something has been moved in the house and put in the wrong place!!!!!


He is a Fussy eater at times...and since he has severe dermatitis we have to be particularly cautious with what he eats, so it works out. He loves our treats so thats the main thing.


Leo is a great companion of a dog and is a typical cliched example of a 'mans best friend'.



'Our tuxedo cat' - Mojo is now 13 years old, he is very quiet and to this day we have heard him meow 5 times in total.


He is very timid but loves nothing more than security and cat nip of course...


He loves to hide about and sneak up behind Leo...he loves when leo is outside and he walks to window to tease him....Leo doesnt care which annoys Mojo even more.


For being so quiet he has devised a way to get attention and thats to knock the front door to get in.... he can be very funny.


Mojo came from Assisi Animal Sanctuary and when we went in to pick him I was looking at a couple of kittens above him and I suddenly felt a sharp claws around my ankle I looked down to find Mojo and I just knew... he's been lazy ever since its hard to imagine he is the same cat.

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