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Pawfect Cakes

Keeping in line with our treats we wanted to offer our customers a healthy option for a Birthday/Gotcha-day/Barkday cakes.

We have designed our own recipe for a healthy cake that you won't find anywhere else... We aren't saying calorie free but as low as calorie as you'll find in a cake. Every single ingredient in our cakes have a healthy benefit to your dogs diet.

We are constantly coming up with new flavours to suit all doggies and they all include the freshest fruits and vegetables we can find.

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Butternut Squash used in our Squash Fondue Cake

Pumpkin used in our Pumpkin Pie Cake


We use a selection of

 100% Natural Colourings.

We are always on a quest to find the most natural ingredients to ensure we can offer an Additive and Preservative FREE choice to our customers.

For those doggies who have allergies to certain vegetables we can still offer colourings as we use the best quality colouring pastes meaning we can use less in your doggies cakes.


We have an expert and innovative

 award winning chef

who handmakes every single cake to your doggies specific needs and tastes.

All our cakes have to be hand delivered so are for purchases within Northern Ireland only.

To order - pawfectdoggietreats@gmail.com or Facebook


We do party packs that include some gorgeous gift boxes and party bags -  These can be personalised to your doggies name and age.


Make your doggies Birthday a family celebration

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Birthday Boxes

Our popular Birthday Boxes are an amazing alternative to a cake or as an addition.

Personalise your birthday specially for your doggies big day.

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Simply order via our SHOP and leave a message with us when paying to confirm your doggies AGE and NAME.

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