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A holistic approach to any form of medicine refers to the belief that the whole person must be healed because the mind, spirit, and body are connected.

Herbal medicine is simply the practice of applying therapeutic properties from plant-based medicines to help ease and prevent disease. Generally this is used to stimulate the body’s own healing process and thus aiming to treating the cause of the problem, whilst relieving the associated symptoms.

Therefore the patient is seen as an individual where the mental or emotional, physical and spiritual aspects are taken into consideration ie. the whole person is treated, not just the symptoms of the presenting condition. Hence Mind Body and Soul.

Our aim is not to practice any form of medicine rather take what we love about herbs and spices and their amazing healing properties and put it into a worthy tasty treat that will hopefully have some health benefits for your doggie.

Our current treats are filled with nutritious and beneficial ingredients but our end game here is to specifically focus on common ailments affecting our doggies today in the hope that our herbal combinations could possibly ease some of their symptoms. Our treats are what they are...simply treats!! We do not suggest in any way that these treats are alternatives to any form of medicine prescribed by a veterinarian nor do we claim this is by any means a cure for any suggested ailments...rather a possible easement.

Whilst our holistic choice is simply a mere combination of herbs and spices amongst other things...we chose to have them looked at by a brilliant animal nutritionist from Healthy Hounds for our own peace of mind!!

We got a big tick of approval so here we are...

We use the best ingredients possible in all our treats but for our -Mind Doggie Soul- range we have decided to upgrade our ingredients even more... which is the perfect additive to any healthy diet on its own.

Coconut oil is a great support in maintaining your doggies mobility and flexibility. We have chosen it purely for the benefits it has on many of our chosen ailments such as its properties that enhance your doggies coat and improves your doggies skin condition. Its rich in Omega 3 therefore its great in promoting healthy joints whilst supporting their immune system. Importantly however it is a great support in the hopeful prevention of heart problems and cancer.

We use Scottish Salmon Oil...

Healthy Hounds Scottish Salmon Oil is made from 100% fresh Scottish salmon. We cannot speak highly enough of this company. They insist upon sourcing their fresh salmon from Scotland where they have been ethically and sustainably sourced from Atlantic salmon which have been reared in deep sea loughs in Scotland under natural and environmentally compatible conditions.  Importantly the oil is produced within 12 hours of the salmon being taken from the sea. Their salmon oil is produced under strict GB and EU laws, and analysed regularly, microfiltered for extra purity. Importantly each batch produced is carefully recorded, and veterinary checked.

Benefits of Salmon Oil

-Healthy glossy full coat

-Calming and treating dry/itchy skin

-Stiff joints/joint health

-Heart health

-Immune support/allergies

-Brain health and development

-Can help reduce moulting

-Reproductive health

-Organ health

-General wellbeing for pets of all ages


Other Ingredients


Turmeric -  is known as a 'natural wonder' and has a long history of use in both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine. TURMERIC has an amazing use as an anti inflammatry and has been discovered to include anti-cancer properties.

It is commonly used for arthritic doggies as a natural treatment....We use it in our treats to provide an ease to the the symptoms alongside veterinarian medication.

It is also known to aid digestion as it helps break down dietary fats therefore we have used it in our treat aimed at treating digestive ailments or wind problems.  

Chamomile - is commonly used in human herbal medicine as a mild sedative. Infact its a natural anxiolytic. It has amazing muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.


Ginger  - This is an amazing spice and is most known of course for its power in allieviating motion sickness and upset tummys. However did you know that Ginger is also fascinatingly great for a number of things ?

In fact we use Ginger in our treats for most of ailments ie: Arthritis, Diarrhea, Gas and a form of pain relief.


Caraway seeds - these little gems are rich in many minerals and anti oxidants however the reason we use these in a number of our holistic choices is that caraways seeds are a 'warming herb' encouraging your doggies body to stay warm...something which is obviously important as for many of the ailments cold would indeed be a major trigger and contributor to pain.


Cinnamon - Everyone thinks Mint is the obvious choice when it comes to your doggies teeth...in fact even though we do our own minti bones we have to come to realise that when it comes to selling them as a means for a fresher breath that we are...wasting ours. We have chosen to go straight to the sources and that is create a blend that will improve the health of your doggies teeth rather than disguise it.....Cinnamon surprisingly turned out to hit the nail on the head..its one of the most natural anti -oxidant food source on the planet.



These are only a small number of our specially formulated ingredients.... Every single ingredient we use has healing properties.

If you require anymore information on each ingredient please do not hesitate to contact us further...


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These do exacly as described.... if your doggie suffers from motion sickness like our Leo then these are the ones for you to try.

The obvious ingredient is Ginger as the main Spice that targets nausea but we have tried to go that one step further and look at other digestional issues in doggies such as...

  • Heartburn

  • bloating

  • gas

  • loss of appetite

One of our most important ingredients therefore in these treats are not ginger but in fact Caraway seeds as this little seed targets all these ailments to provide relief.

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Tummy Calms

All are made with either RYE Flour - Wheat FREE

                     or Wholegrain SPELT Flour - Nutritious blend

Has your doggie got

  • Dermititis

  • Skin Iritation

  • Unhealthy Coat

  • Dry & Itchy Skin

  • Joint Immobility

Or do you just want to get your doggies coat in tip top condition?

These treats are enriched with oils that do just that. They include Salmon Oil which alone has many health benefits for your doggies coat and skin but also it gives off the best smell that would grab the attention off the fussiest of dogs.


One notable ingredient is actually OATS - These are jam packed with nutrients that boost their coat and skin -  working from the inside out!!


Does your doggie exhibit pangs of Anxiety when left alone, in stressfull situations?

Do they struggle to sleep at night?

These calm collectors may help them... we have used natural safe ingredients that you can find anywhere...we dont like the idea of giving our own doggie remedies we arent sure of so we have had these looked at by a very reputable and dog loving animal nutritionist.

The idea behind these were to use a common form of herbal infused tea and use them in our treats. Chamomile has been used for many years by vets and we urge you to consider it if your doggie has other conditions as it can be used externally also for skin conditions. This is one of the safest and common herbal pet remedy around.


A special blend designed to target common canine ailments such as:

  • Arthritis

  • Joint disorders like hip and elbow dysplasia

  • Joint injury

  • Immune mediated joint disease

  • Joint infection


We decided to target Canine Arthritis as we had a lot of inquiries the past few years on what would be an acceptable treat to give those doggies on certain types of medication....

We came up with this...


We first decided to begin with this treat as our Golden Retriever is now 4 years old and we are aware that goldies are very very prone to Hip Dysplasia...realising that at some point there maybe a time where she needs such a thing we went ahead and hope it works for your doggies.

Anti Inflams

Toothy Tabs

As our doggies get older they are prone to problems with teeth and other oral hygenie issues... these toothy tabs are designed to counteract some of the everyday damage that occurs.


Fennel seeds are rich in dietary fibre therefore they encourage digestion but  we have used them in these treats for their anti oxidant and anti inflammatory properties. They actually absorb many food properties left around the teeth keeping them clean and healthy.


We also do Minti-Bones for Fresher Breath if your doggie doesnt like fennel seeds

Windy Pops

These little treats are specially targeted towards doggies who suffer from wind problems and gastrointestinal issues.

These work by targeting some of the main issues to begin with...is it to do with indigestion?

We enrich these with Turmeric to encourage digestion and the break down of dietary fats.

Caraway seeds are used again to treat the heartburn or gas problem.

Ginger is to sooth the tummy and ease the symptoms.

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Nature itself is the best Physician

- Hippocrates

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