Mind Doggie Soul Range


Here we have our Holistic approach range that targets common canine ailments. All treats have been designed by myself and checked by a fantastic animal nutritionist.
All consist of a formation of Herbs that are known to combat such ailments and much more. All ingredients have an impact whilst keeping a strong healthy dietary balance ensuring they can be used months on end.
We reccommend that you give these to your dog for a full course of a month..each bag comes in 2 weeks courses as some may find benefits from this short period of time. After which you find an improvement please feel free to just give casually almost like a 'topup'.

Coat SoS - Get your doggies skin and coat healthy and looking fab with these little gems. Great for Alopecia, Dermatitis, Dry & Itchy Skin, amongst others.

Windy Pops - Best seller - not hard to see why these are a must have for those doggies who have gas/bloating problems. Perfect for doggies suffering from wind, gastro problems digestion issue etc.

Tummy Calms - Simply can be used as a relief for travel sickness but are designed for a more complex tummy issues providing relief to most canine gastro problems and complaints.

Toothy Tabs - A comlex combination of herbs that are fantastic in promoting healthy teeth and fantastic oral hygiene in general.  amazing flavour and overall great treats to start your doggie on a new healthy teeth regime.

Anti Inflams - Our treats targeted towards Athrtitis and other canine ailments that affect joints or cause inflammation but also are perfect for overall inflammation due to injury or internal inflammation in form of tummy pain and lower intestinal tract issues.

Calm Collects - an infused treat filled with calming natural relaxants perfect for those stressful moments in life or general canine anxiety. Halloween Best Seller.

Simply scroll down and choose which one you'd like to give your doggie to start a new holistic routine...

All treats are made fresh on your order - Orders may take up to a week to dispatch to allow your goodies to be made specially for your doggie.

Always keep water available for your doggies when giving treats.

Packaged in our environmentally friendly packaging.....we are a green business as much as doggily possible!

PLEASE NOTE - orders are always baked fresh so we have a 7 day processing time. Please take this into consideration especially if ordering birthday boxes.